What did you read?

   I heed not that my earthly lot hath little of earth in it, that years of love had been forgot in the hatred of a minute. I mourn not that the desolate are happier, sweet than I. But that you sorrow for my fate for whom I am  a passerby. – Edgar Allen Poe

  This is my favorite poem of all time. I can connect with this on so many different levels, through so many different periods in my life. It is a very interesting piece. I think I get what he is saying. I have asked a few people that I know what they got out of it and it was very different from what I see. To me he is saying ” I do not care that I don’t have much or that our relationship has ended. He doesn’t care if people seem to be enjoying life more than he is but, he is sorry for those that pity him.”

   I have heard in more or less words that he seems to be a miserable guy but I don’t see it that way. I think he was very content with what he had. I am kind of curious as to what other people get out of it. Let me know what you think.



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