There once was a girl who lived in a cage. She was trapped to forever feel his rage. One day she felt such pain, that she actually cried. She was sure that she was going to die. All she wanted to do was fly.

Once the beast left, she knew it was her chance. Out of her window, the little one jumped. She frequently ran to try and get lost. She would try and hide but knew he’d come. She never got free for very long.

He knew she’d try and find someone to tell. Unlucky for her she would never prevail. The devil always took her back to hell. Back to her cell locked up tight. That little girl stayed strong and didn’t give up her fight. She would fight so hard with all of her might.

Through all of the pain and horrible sights, she knew in her heart that there was light. Then one day out of the blue, the monster said that he was through. That girl actually survived her terrible blight. 



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