Merry go round

Round and round it goes. Where it stops nobody knows. It could be good, it could be bad. Fuck it. It was a lot of fun I had. You have your ups and you have your downs. I never know what’s going down. I don’t find out until it’s too late, I’m tired of having shit at stake. You seem happy and then your sad, but I never know if your mad or glad. You say to do it and don’t stop, but then you flip flop and tell me I did bad. How’s a girl supposed to bring you joy when you constantly where a decoy smile. I’d walk 10 miles. I’d walk forever to just know how you feel. I never know what is real. I may be clever, I may seem calm. But inside, I feel torn. Eventually I will break. Nothing I ever say is fake. The eggshells are beginning to break. They are crumbling and I don’t know where to step. I feel like I let you down. You have let me down. We made it through, all was well. The ride has stopped. But before we can get off, it starts again. It goes so fast, I am thrown around. Round and round it never ends.


By ashmkoehler Posted in my mind

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