I have made a new monster today. She is ugly. A monster who tried to be different from the rest. She tried and tried to prove she wasn’t what everyone said. Most of her life people told her things she was. Each new name or taunt became another scar that marred her skin to make her look like what they wanted. Being hit with stones and lashed with whips caused her skin to callous. She became cold and hardened to the world. She just wanted people to let her be. She wanted to be alone. She sat in the shadows. She played in the dark. Over time she met a light and it became her dearest friend. Throughout the friendship it burned her here and there. Adding more scars, covering her skin. One day, she came across a mirror. Her eyes were opened and she realized all of her fears. She was the monster everyone called her for years. Tears filled her eyes, she didn’t know what to do. She began to run. Only to return to her cage that had hid her from the sun. The ghosts they spoke to her, jeering from their shadows. She bowed her head and began to cry again. She whispered to herself, this isn’t me. I am not who they want me to be. She began to walk again, floating like a dream. I am her and she is me.


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