The end.

20170918_234030-1Love is for the damned. Our epitaph.

The nuke went off. A blinding flash of rage and then nothing. I was a lost soul swimming in the abyss known as purgatory. Floating aimlessly in a corrupted moment of time. My spirit was broken.

At that point, the real breaking point, I was covered in garbage and realized I was no one. I was made into a crumbled love note tossed in with the other undesirables.

I think he got comfortable. He thought well she let me slide then, I’ll slide now and everything will be ok. It’s like he forgot that I’m human. He forgot that I was his partner. It was like literally being a ragdoll. Stitched together by words of torment and hate, I fell apart at the seams. Thread and cotton all around for my shame to be witnessed.

Love, true romantic love is foreign to me now. I’m not even sure of my knowing of it was ever really that or a child’s game. A damned carousel I had no idea I was riding until it stopped and my world continued to spin.

** note** i did the picture accompanying this. I felt any of the others I found didn’t fit.-amm


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