Love and Friendship

Friendship and love are two things so close in nature that more often than not that they intertwine. Some people become part of who we are, some become family, and sometimes they become distant memories.
Love is one of those things that never could truly be described. It’s a feeling so joyous that it is greater than any drug. It can also be as deadly. Either from overdose or having it torn away from you.
Friendship is yet another indescribable word because it can have so many meanings. To me a friend is someone who has your back no matter what. A friend is someone who you can call when you need someone to talk to and they will answer. A friend is someone who is there for you even when your own family won’t be. Above all a friend is someone who will pick you up when you fall.
But then sometimes, something amazing happens and you find love in friendship. Not necessarily the intimate kind but a feeling of closeness that is inseparable. No matter what hell fires may come your way, they will walk through the flames with you and help you conquer your demons and accept the darker parts of your soul.


As I watch you slumber

As you sleep, I can tell that you are dreaming. As I look upon you, I wonder if you see me or your monster. Is it I that haunts your dreams or a sickeningly painful memory? I begin to think about my dreams. Some are filled up with the delightful muse that is you, others are filled with the horrendous memories of my quondum. Just the thought of the latter makes me want to jolt you awake. Let me take your breath away with a kiss and let me scare your monsters away.


Your warrior

I wish I could take away all of your pain. I would drink each drop like acid rain. I’d let it melt away everything inside, just to bring back your smile. I can’t do much but I gave you my heart. It may be broken but it’s all I’ve got. I would jump in front of a speeding train. If it was for your smile, I would not die in vain. I try so hard, but that sadness lingers. I can see the darkness that eats away at you. I would go dim and give you my light if it would banish it over night. I’d fight your monsters one on one. I wish I could make everything right. Your happiness is a welcome sight. I’d do anything for you. I love you and this is true.


In an open room

I can not see. I can only feel. It seems more than real. Every touch is electric. Every kiss is soft as a feather.

My hands are bound. I can not move. I am at the mercy of you. Please be sweet. Please be rough. I felt you leave, where did you go? I feel anticipation down to my toes. What comes next, I do not know. I can feel your stare. I am nervous laying here bare.

But next thing I know, here you are. You kiss my neck and touch my flesh. I can feel a pounding in my chest and a shiver down my spine. You are taking your time. This is torture. This is insane. These sensations are racking my brain. My hips are moving, my legs are shaking. Why must you do me this way? When I get free I will make you pay. I’m begging you, what do you want me to say?

Then all at once, everything stills and I get what I want. In that moment, I am at your will. Together we move all as one. One by one I feel a small explosion until I erupt. In this moment I am stuck. I fall to pieces, floating away. In euphoria, here I lay.


In this moment

  I can feel fire licking my skin. I am lost in you. In this moment there is nothing else I want to do, no where else I would rather be.  I can barely breathe. I can feel your pulse raging through me. Our souls are dancing to the rhythm and flowing to the beat. Higher and higher we fly, until we crash and burn. In a flash of a moment, hanging in motionless time. I am yours and you are mine. Forever in this moment until the end of time.


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