I still feel it. I feel the way your fingers trace my skin learning every scar that it wears. I can feel the way your hand cupped the side of my face as you started into my eyes. My back feels the absence of your hands upon it. My skin longs for your touch. My back still feels the trace of frisson from your silent touch. My body yearns for the moment I awake and your arms are around me. My ear still feels the susurrus of your voice. My soul craves for the moment it dances with yours again. My whole being hungers for yours.



Where am I?

I woke up and I wasn’t sure if I awoke in reality or a dream. In both you were laying next to me. Your fingertips were tracing an unseen map across my skin. Your lips were tasting my anima. Passion burning wherever our skin met. I’m drifting the planes of euphoria and torment . Every touch a tease. Please don’t stop. Then I get smacked with the realization of my current state. My heart rate is becoming increasingly unsteady. My unconsciousness became my conscious existence if only for a little while. In the short mile of a moment, I was lost.


Here we are

Here we are. Water is pouring on our heads like the sweetest of rain. You use your weapon to lick me with pain. Each bite makes me tremble. The anticipation is driving me insane. The lust in your eyes matches what I feel inside. You caress my skin with it. It makes me want to cry out. You kiss the redness and it’s the softest thing I have ever felt. You touch me and my soul begins to sing. As we begin to flow in the rhythm, sway with the song, the memories melt. There is nothing but you and I. I feel you. This moment is real.