Love and Friendship

Friendship and love are two things so close in nature that more often than not that they intertwine. Some people become part of who we are, some become family, and sometimes they become distant memories.
Love is one of those things that never could truly be described. It’s a feeling so joyous that it is greater than any drug. It can also be as deadly. Either from overdose or having it torn away from you.
Friendship is yet another indescribable word because it can have so many meanings. To me a friend is someone who has your back no matter what. A friend is someone who you can call when you need someone to talk to and they will answer. A friend is someone who is there for you even when your own family won’t be. Above all a friend is someone who will pick you up when you fall.
But then sometimes, something amazing happens and you find love in friendship. Not necessarily the intimate kind but a feeling of closeness that is inseparable. No matter what hell fires may come your way, they will walk through the flames with you and help you conquer your demons and accept the darker parts of your soul.


My Angel

(19) The day has come to meet the one I love. The pain is ripping through me; I can barely move my lungs. Rushing, rushing it’s time to get things done. The ride is slow and unbearable. Now we are moving quickly to meet an angel. This little girl is on her way. As I lie and wait, I start to feel a rush. I get elated; it will soon be time to push. I see my mother’s face but I do not see delight. I stare at my feet and realize it’s time for flight. Blood is flowing everywhere, it’s heading towards the floor. I next hear a question. Life for you or her? I take a deep breath and answer easily, she is more important than anything to me. Voices all around me. But I can hear just one. Close your eyes sweet child and what is done will be done. I take what could be my final breath and tell those I love goodbye. I see darkness and look Death in the eyes. When I told him the feelings that I felt, darkness faded and death began to cry. I heard that she was waiting and love is what I felt. I would meet my angel and hold the life that I had held.

I wrote this about the day my daughter was born. -Ashley Mae